A GAYLES RETREAT: The Art of Stillness with Roz Robinson

June 16th – 18th 2017

The Art of Stillness, letting go of the need to be busy through walking, yoga, meditation and art all within the beautiful surroundings of the South Downs:

How often have you found yourself rushing around until you are beyond exhausted? Modern life is so demanding and there is a sense in our culture that we are somehow inadequate if we are not busy. We might stop for a moment but unless we are distracted by something on our television, computer or mobile it is hard to stay still… Learning to stop really is an art and it takes time to develop, to learn the skills we need, and the more we practice the more skilful we can become.

The Art of Stillness is not an ‘expressive art’ focused weekend as such (although there will be one session where we will be using art materials); it is more about giving you the permission and showing you the tools you can use to help you to stop and come to a place of quiet; the opportunity to rest and nourish your mind, body and spirit.

Over the course of the weekend, there will be walks on the uniquely beautiful South Downs, yoga, meditation and periods of silence as well as the art workshop, which together will create a wonderfully balanced and grounded approach to learning the art of stillness.

Roz’s teaching is offered on a donation-only basis and you will be given the opportunity to make a financial contribution at the end of the weekend. The cost for dormitory accommodation and vegetarian meals, including refreshments, is £160 for the whole retreat (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon). This cost also includes the art workshop, facilitated by Nathalie Jessel, as well as all the art materials.

This retreat is open to everyone with any level of experience; however, please bear in mind that the walks will be up to an hour-and-a-half long over rolling downland and also that you will be asked not to use any mobile devices during the periods of silence.

Please also remember that a retreat needs to be approached with a degree of care and respect, both for ourselves and for others, and we ask that you participate fully in the schedule. This creates a strong ‘container’ for the powerful transformative experience that being on retreat can allow.

Comments from people on Roz’s previous retreats (there are more on our Testimonials page):

“Brilliantly pitched content between spirituality and psychotherapeutic insights”  HM, Walking, Yoga, Meditation, Silence retreat (March 2017)

I enjoyed the combination of yoga, meditation, silence and teaching. I felt it was an holistic approach and a gentle introduction to all of these practices. I found the teaching extremely interesting and the Q&A sessions fascinating” A guest, Walking, Yoga, Meditation, Silence retreat (March 2017)

To register please email us via the boxes below and we will send you a booking form for you to complete and return to us. Please then also pay a (non-refundable) deposit of £80 to secure your place. We will confirm your registration with you when we receive your payment. We ask that you pay the balance two weeks before the event. You can find the payment details on our booking form.

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