A Weekend Retreat with Eternal Yoga

May 19th – 21st 2017

A Weekend Yoga Retreat with Eternal Yoga:

Hatty Munro and Karen Standish are returning for another weekend to help guide you toward the yoga practice that works for you.

Our approach stems from a need to release unhelpful patterns in the body and the breath. Through teaching we encourage students to empower themselves to restore health and vitality.

There are yoga classes that focus on “the stretch” and “the shape” with students following instructions. Within our teaching we use descriptions to help the students to enquire how and where their bodies can find the space and freedom to connect back to and move from the spine, safely and intelligently.

Some student feedback:

“Hatty and Karen are the best yoga teachers I have ever had.  They are inspiring, kind, subtle, careful, honest, wise, but also humble, sharing all they learn from their teacher with us. This is also very safe yoga.” 

I find them immensely knowledgeable and interesting teachers. They have this way of applying their knowledge to help others find health, well-being, freedom and personal growth. I love the manner they give instructions and guide the student, and the way they ‘see’ how bodies work. Their passion for living in a way that body/mind/spirit are integrated and which equally respects oneself, others and the world, is infectious and very inspiring.”

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