“Re-connection” – A Mindfulness and Yoga Retreat with Julie Stannard

September 1st – 3rd, 2017

“Re-connection” A Mindfulness and Yoga Retreat with Julie Stannard:


Come and join me for this wonderful late summer retreat weekend.

The beautiful surroundings, nourishing food and supportive practices will all provide the perfect conditions for a sense of reconnection, wholeness and rejuvenation.

It is inevitable, that the daily busyness and stress in our lives can leave us feeling somewhat drained, fragmented and disconnected. The aim of the retreat will be to lovingly make space for the settling back into our bodies, hearts and minds that we long for.

The gentle yoga and movement will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to relax, let-go and reconnect, so that you can feel more grounded, calm and centered. Yoga helps us to escape the exhausting cycle of overthinking, by connecting to the body and breath. When we add mindfulness into the mix, we are developing our capacity for conscious presence not only in our yoga practice, but in our lives as a whole. We learn ‘how’ we are engaging and relating to our thoughts and feelings, bringing kindness and awareness to ourselves and our experience. As Jon Kabat Zinn says: “The deep meaning of ‘rehabilitation,’ which is related to the word ‘habitation,’ is ‘learning to live inside again.’”

Sessions will include: gentle yoga based movement, mindfulness based practices (including sitting, walking and lying/deep rest), and a guided walk in the stunning countryside. There will be some periods of silence to deepen our practice and some free time to give yourself space to simply “be” and nurture an ‘alive’ presence to yourself and your experience. There will also be a talk and discussion on developing mindful awareness in daily life, to help you capture and integrate your insights from the weekend.

The retreat is open to beginner and experienced students of yoga and mindfulness.

Julie began practising yoga and meditation in her teens and is a long time student of living a conscious life.

She has a degree in Religious Studies and Philosophy, is a British Wheel of Yoga qualified Teacher and has been teaching yoga courses, retreats and holidays since 2004.

Julie is also an Integrated Yoga Therapist, studied Ayurveda with Cathy-Mae Karelse and has practiced in clinics and hospitals.

As a trained Mindfulness teacher, Julie has several years experience teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Courses, as well as working with schools, companies and individuals who wish to develop mindfulness.

She is a CNHC registered therapist, listed on the UK Network for Mindfulness Teachers and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Co-founder of the Mindfulness Toolkit website.

Cost of the Retreat:

Standard rate £250

Early booking £230 by 30th June 2017

Includes: shared accommodation, food, drinks, and tuition

From 4.15pm on Friday to 3.30pm on Sunday

Non-refundable deposit of £100 to secure a place

Balance payable 2 weeks before event

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