A Mindfulness Retreat for 8-Week Course Graduates with Nicole Perkins and Dominic Morris

June 1st – 3rd, 2018

Mindfulness Retreat for 8-Week Course Graduates with Nicole Perkins and Dominic Morris:

A retreat is an opportunity to take a step back from our usual daily life, with all the responsibilities and busyness that it can bring, and to develop our mindfulness practice with the support of a group of fellow practitioners. Many people say that retreats can be a restful, energising and illuminating experience. Crucially they can provide a deeper, fuller experience of mindfulness that we can then bring back with us to our daily lives.

Who is this retreat for?

This secular mindfulness retreat is for graduates of 8-week mindfulness courses. You are equally welcome however regular (or irregular!) your mindfulness practice has been since. The maximum group size on this retreat will be 20.

What will happen on this retreat?

The retreat will involve formal sessions of meditation, including sitting, lying and moving. We will also practise bringing mindful awareness into the rest of the activities of the day, such as eating and walking. There will be some periods of silence, which can support us to see more clearly what is happening in our internal experience, allowing us to deepen our mindfulness practice.


The arrival time for the retreat is from 5pm on Friday 1st June, with dinner at 6:30pm. The retreat begins with an opening session after dinner, and ends after lunch on Sunday 3rd June.


£280 (includes all food and accommodation)


Nicole Perkins and Dominic Morris

Dominic and Nicole trained to teach mindfulness with Bangor University and are both UK Network registered teachers who run 8-week courses, talks and workshops on mindfulness. Nicole is currently completing a research PhD in compassion at King’s College London and Dominic is studying for an MA in mindfulness-based psychotherapy. They are delighted to come together to offer this retreat.

* This is a small retreat with limited spaces so book early to avoid disappointment! *

Please use the boxes below for further information and to contact Nicole, you can also book your place via her website:

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