Working with your Mind – A mindfulness retreat with Peter & Julie Johnson

September 7th – 9th, 2018

Working with your Mind – A mindfulness retreat led by Julie and Pete Johnson:

Would you like to continue the journey into mindfulness you started on your eight week course? Or perhaps you want to revitalise your formal and informal practice?

The invitation in this retreat is to continue working with your mind. Although we are used to doing practical things in the world around us to make life better, we can also work with our experiences intentionally cultivating wellbeing. Mindful awareness is one way, cultivating compassion and goodwill and taking in the good are others.

Julie and Pete Johnson are experienced mindfulness teachers and psychotherapists. They are delighted to lead this retreat at Gayles! The open skies and beautiful setting are a great help in cultivating awareness and savouring experience

The weekend offers a structure of different mindfulness practices; this includes sitting practice and mindful movement as well opportunity to engage our senses with Nature. There will be periods of silence during the weekend to encourage a deeper sense of stillness and turning to the present moment.

We offer some short teaching sessions on aspects of working with the mind and opportunity for small group discussion on practice.

We are particularly interested in helping practitioners to hold their experiences in a relaxed and playful way, infused with warmth and kindness.

Participants are welcome to arrive from 4pm on Friday 7th September. We will finish with lunch on Sunday September 9th.

Cost is £235 which covers food and accommodation.

About Julie and Pete Johnson:

Julie and Pete originally trained as general nurses before moving into the community; Pete as a Health Visitor and Julie as a School Nurse. Eventually they set up their own business offering training and psychotherapy.

Julie is a leading provider of workshops and seminars for families in London and the surrounding area. Her latest book,’ Wellbeing: The essential guide to my child’s physical and mental health’, is published by The Parent Brief.

They have been practicing mindfulness for over ten years. Pete completed an MBSR course with Shamash Alidna and Julie trained in mindfulness with Michael Chaskalon.

Subsequently Julie and Pete completed the .b teacher training at Bangor University, allowing them to teach the .b program to year 7 upwards.

They also went on to train at Bangor and at Oxford Mindfulness Centre to deliver mindfulness courses to adults. As part of their commitment to good practice they have regular supervision.

For the past six years they have taught mindfulness in schools, offering both the .b and Paws b curriculum. They have also run numerous courses for Staff and Parents.

Recently they have trained with Kristin Neff to teach Mindful Self Compassion.

This last development perhaps reveals their heart in teaching mindfulness. Their great wish is help individuals and communities acquire the skills and knowledge with which to increase their own wellbeing.

There is also the recognition that kindness to self and others is essential for the mind/body to flourish and thrive.

This weekend retreat, reflects our desire to create a space where participants can connect with nature, cultivate kindness and nurture a deep stillness of mind.

If you would like more information please contact Pete via the boxes below:

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