Real Flow Yoga teacher training weekend

August 25th – 27th, 2018

Real Flow Yoga Teacher Training Weekend, organised by Tammy Mittel:

Real Flow Yoga is a training school and community of yoga teachers who appreciate the flow-state and recognise how yoga attunes you to the flow of life. We strongly value spiritual growth, self-discipline, broad knowledge and intuitive adaptability.

Real Flow Yoga is a yoga training that draws upon a wealth of knowledge from a broad range of well-established classical and contemporary yoga lineages in addition to empirical findings from positive psychology.

Real Flow Yoga is NOT a new style of yoga. Real Flow yoga is not a yoga-fusion or re-invention of yoga. It’s the culmination of a broad-ranged approach to yoga practice. The practice is made up of heat flow yoga that’s inspired  by ashtanga, prana flow, tripsichore and jivamukti and cool flow yoga that’s inspired by sivananda, hatha, yin, restorative and lunar yoga.

All of the wisdom has already been gifted to us and so Real Flow Yoga is simply an approach to yoga practice that reminds us how to access the intelligence that is innate within ourselves.

This residential teacher training weekend completes the last of three immersion modules and is  fully booked but you can find out more and contact Tammy via the boxes below:

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