September 20th – 22nd 2019

Practicing Self-Compassion: An Introduction

A weekend retreat led by Julie and Pete Johnson:

This retreat gently invites you to cultivate the felt experience of warmth, kindness and self-compassion

The awareness of our mind that comes through meditation (and particularly mindfulness meditation and practice) is a great resource for relating to our experiences in a more skillful and proactive way. But sometimes more is needed especially when we are experiencing difficulty and emotional pain, and in the process beating ourselves up.

Self-Compassion invites you to support and encourage yourself in the same way a good friend would. Research has convincingly shown that motivating ourselves by harsh self-criticism, in the wake of a mistake or mis-step in life, only serves to stir up our threat response, making us less creative. However, encouraging ourselves in the same way a good friend would, with a warm, affirming, compassionate voice has been shown to be more fruitful and effective. Moreover self-criticism, where we attack ourselves rather than reflect and learn from our mistakes and miss-steps, is a major contributor to mental health problems.

On this weekend retreat Julie and Pete will use the green and peaceful surroundings at Gayles to resource our wellbeing and build positive emotional memories. Drawing on their experience of teaching Mindfulness and Self Compassion, they will introduce some of the core concepts and practices in self-compassion training.

The weekend is suited to anyone who has some experience of meditation, particularly mindfulness. Learning about self-compassion and practicing self-compassion is best done when you are not experiencing severe distress or major life crisis. If uncertain about the retreats suitability please contact Julie and Pete.

Most of the retreat will be in silence, with a work period in the beautiful garden and vegetable allotment at the start of each day.  Serving others and being in Nature are two resources we use to foster compassion. There will be periods of sitting and walking meditation as well as short teaching sessions on self-compassion. Saturday afternoons are free.

Julie and Pete are both psychotherapists and experienced mindfulness teachers. They trained with Kristin Neff and Chris Germer to teach Mindful Self Compassion.

Participants are welcome to arrive from 4pm on Friday 20thSept. We will finish with lunch at 1pm on Sunday 22ndSeptember.

The cost of the weekend is £235 which covers food and accommodation. We do not charge for our input over the weekend. Accommodation is in dormitories.

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