December 6th – 8th 2019

Awakening Inner Peace and Freedom – An Insight Meditation retreat with Yanai Postelnik:

Insight Meditation connects us with our capacity to be present in each moment, with an open-hearted attention to every experience. From this quality of being present,  kindness and clarity begin to naturally deepen in the heart. Wisdom born of seeing the truth of our experience reveals a natural peace and freedom in the heart, together with a genuine love and compassion oneself, for others, and for all of life.  Through understanding that we are not separate, we can come to know what it means to awaken in the midst of our life, to be deeply connected to our experience, and yet not bound by it.

 Also known as “Vipassana,” Insight meditation is rooted in the 2500 year-old Buddhist tradition, and has a deep and immediate relevance to our lives today. It is open and accessible to people of any or no religious affiliation.

The retreat will be an opportunity to engage in sustained meditation practice, in an atmosphere of silence with teachings and meditation instructions on bringing awareness, clarity and kindness to every part of our experience. There will be formal sitting, walking and standing meditation, as well as opportunities for meetings with the teacher. 

YANAI POSTELNIK has practiced Insight Meditation and studied Buddhist teachings for over 20 years in Asia and the West. Since 1992 he has been teaching retreats at Gaia House in Devon, elsewhere in the UK and around the world, including the USA, Sweden, Israel, New Zealand,  Ireland, India, Australia and France.  Originally from New Zealand, he lives with his wife in Ashburton, Devon.

The Cost

For dormitory accommodation, food & refreshments (vegetarian and organic where possible), bedlinen, towels, use of the facilities etc and a contribution toward Yanai’s travel expenses is £160. The teachings will be offered on a donation basis (Dana) and are not included in the price of the retreat.

Yanai is giving his time, energy and wisdom freely. You will have the opportunity to show your appreciation of this at the end of the retreat, when you will be able to make a donation.

 To offer and receive without a price helps us to cultivate trust in life and to connect with generosity as a spiritual value.

How to register

To register please email us and we will send you a booking form for you to complete and return to us. Please also make a (non-transferable or refundable) payment of £100 to secure your place (details are on the booking form). We will confirm your registration with you when we receive your form and your payment.  We ask that you pay the balance of £60 no later than three weeks before the retreat starts.

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