November 22nd – 24th, 2019

Yoga with Ylva:

For a whole weekend we will immerse ourselves in, well ourselves. Taking a step out of our normal lives, habits and patterns can be so rejuvenating and re-energising! By giving ourselves a brake, physically braking up our habitual patterns, we give our whole body and brain a big reset. So rather than carrying on with behaviour or habits we might not necessarily like or benefit from without even realising, this retreat can be that gentle wake-up for us to come back to ourselves.

This retreat is perfect for all levels of experience, including complete beginners, and fitness levels. All yoga classes will all be gentle and inclusive with focus on moving in a mindful way that honours the body.

The whole weekend will focus on mindfulness, what mindfulness really is, how to look at the concept in an easy to understand way and how to incorporate more mindfulness in your life in a way that will be beneficial for you.

Price: £325 with a non-refundable £100 deposit at the time of booking

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