September 27th – 29th, 2019
Weekend Yoga Retreat with Maggie James & Mara Cimatoribus:

Dedicate this weekend by the sea to your wellbeing, yoga and relaxation. We will practice Jivamukti and dynamic vinyasa (flow) yoga and offer two workshops, as well as time to relax, socialise and go for walks on the cliffs and the beach.

Maggie and Mara are both down to earth teachers, with lots of experience teaching anyone from beginners, to advanced to working with pre-or post-pregnancy or injuries – everyone is welcome.

Maggie has been practicing yoga for 16 years and teaches Jivamukti Yoga; she aims to share the joy and peace of mind and body that yoga gives her. Coming from a background in engineering management she loves the creative and mindful freedom she experiences in yoga, and is also keen to understand yoga’s scientific background and how it can help us. She encourages students to be similarly forever curious, question and try a variety of ways to practice and continue in the direction where they find growth and benefit.

Mara first discovered yoga as a way to calm her mind and find peace. That it did, and with time it helped her in so many different ways: she became more flexible and stronger physically and this spread wider to her life and how she approaches every day. It is only fair that she shares the impact that yoga had on her life with as many people as possible! Through the yoga practice she wants to help unleash the energy inside each one of us and radiate it throughout our thoughts and actions.

You can read more, contact Maggie and book via the boxes below and you van visit the FB page for this event here.   

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