March 19th – 21st 2021 (postponed from March 20th – 22nd 2020)


Change and Transition: A Residential Weekend Workshop For Women with Lotta Kitchen, Lora Wignall and Pom Eaton

Change and transition is an inherent and ongoing experience from the moment of birth, through to death. Change is an external event and an internal process, for example becoming a parent, experiencing the loss of a loved one, ageing or a new beginning. How we orientate ourselves and respond to change now is rooted in what we learned as we grew up and the survival strategies we developed in order to feel safe and secure.

In this workshop we will explore our relationship to change and transition through personal reflection, group work, creative, formative and somatic expression. We will develop our understanding of how we can impact our experience of change and learn to respond to ourselves more effectively.

A residential workshop is a unique and often profound experience, where within a safe and supportive environment the group can be a catalyst for sharing, participating, learning and growing.

This is the last residential that we will be running.

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