October 23rd – 25th 2020

Walking, Yoga, Meditation, Silence
A weekend retreat with periods of silence with Roz Robinson 


Our lives in recent months have been turned upside down. The world that we knew has changed beyond recognition. Now more than ever it is important for us to look after our emotional and physical well-being. To feel grounded and connected with who we are and our place in the world.  And potentially to move to look forward in ourselves and in our lives to make the most positive use of this unaccustomed reality that now presents us. 

This retreat will allow you the opportunity to step back from your current situation, to make the time and space for yourself with others in nature, to reflect, reconnect and realign yourself in a calm, supportive and safely held environment. There will be periods of silence for everyone and those of you who prefer will have the option to remain in silence throughout. 

Gayles is situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty surrounded by National Trust, Country Park and Forestry Commission land which allows us open access to the most stunningly beautiful landscape all around. 

  • The walks de-stress and ground us; giving us the opportunity to reconnect with nature. 
  • Gentle yoga with breath work helps to restore the natural equilibrium of the body and mind before meditation. 
  • Meditation gives us a better understanding of the mind, the opportunity to observe our thoughts and to learn how to focus our awareness. 
  • Silence is a great tool to help deepen our understanding of ourselves. Although it might seem a little strange and peculiar to you if you have not experienced it before, actually it is a very helpful container in which we can let go of the habitual conditioning that drives our behaviour. It is the jewel that shines a light on our true inner being – giving us the opportunity to listen to the intuitive part of ourselves. 

There will also be time to reflect, rest, relax and enjoy  the  quiet spaces in the grounds at Gayles.

Roz has an open, grounded and warm approach; her practice is gentle, deep and rewarding. This is a retreat to revive, calm and inspire you and is suitable for both experienced practitioners and people new to yoga, meditation and/or to silence although, of course, you will need to be of average fitness for the walks.

 In order to comply with the current government guidelines, this retreat is open to five participants only. Each person will have their own separate accommodation, with an allocated shower and toilet for their own personal use throughout the weekend.  Weather permitting, all activities will be out of doors in the beautiful grounds at Gayles.

Indoors, social distancing of 2 meters will be encouraged at all times.

The cost for the whole retreat, from Friday afternoon arrival between 5pm and 6pm to Sunday afternoon 2.30pm, is £300. This includes your accommodation, catering and  the teaching.  We ask for a £50 deposit to secure your place and the balance is due one week before the start of the retreat.  If you are interested in joining the retreat and would like more details please email us at info@retreattogayles.co.uk

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