About Roz

In 1994, as a young mother of four children, Roz began to practice yoga in order to give herself a little time in her otherwise frantic family life. As her practice deepened, she became interested in her own emotional landscape which lead her in 2000 to train initially as a Humanistic Counsellor and then, wishing to further develop her knowledge of psychology and her professional efficacy, she enrolled on a Human Givens Postgraduate Diploma course, qualifying with a Distinction. During her training Roz had carried out her placements in GP surgeries and, having completed her studies, in 2005 she was offered a post within the NHS as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor working in Primary Care. She also became Accredited with UKCP.

In 2008 it seemed like a natural progression for her to further her development by becoming a qualified yoga teacher, and she completed a KYHF accredited course with Marc Beuvain in 2010

Alongside working in surgeries within the NHS, Roz has run her own successful private counselling practice, counselled as part of a hospital Pain Management team, taught yoga to staff at two local hospitals and has also provided private one-to-one and group yoga classes. She has also been facilitating retreats at Gayles since 2011.

In the Autumn of 2014 Roz resigned from the NHS in order to dedicate more time to her own spiritual practice and also to managing Gayles, her ancestral and life-long home, which she and her husband, Derry, opened as a retreat facility in 2011. As well as holding her own retreats and supporting visiting teachers, she is also almost solely responsible for growing vegetables for the retreat meals. Fortunately, her favourite place is in the garden.

Drawing from a wide range of influences, Roz’s teaching reflects her passionately held belief that, with sincerity and courage along with a little practical knowledge and understanding, we all have the potential to experience self-realisation. All of the retreats she facilitates encourage a developing self awareness through talks, yoga, meditation, silence, walking and connecting with nature.

About Roz’s Walking, Yoga, Meditation, Silence retreats:

Our lives are so full of noise and distractions; we are so busy that there is not enough time to get to know ourselves – instead we rush around with our minds on autopilot for most, if not all, of our lives.

The retreats that I run allow you the opportunity to step back from life, to make the time and space for yourself so that you develop a better understanding of who you really are.

We can lead a happier and more fulfilling life when we can recognise and value ourselves.

We are extraordinarily fortunate and privileged in that Gayles is situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty surrounded by National Trust land, Country Park and Friston Forest. Consequently we have access to the most stunningly beautiful landscape all around.

The walks de-stress and ground us; giving us the opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Gentle yoga with breath work helps to restore the natural equilibrium of the body and mind before meditation.

Meditation gives us a better understanding of the mind, the opportunity to observe our thoughts and to learn how to focus our awareness.

Silence might seem a little strange and peculiar to you if you have not experienced it before but actually it is a very helpful container in which we can let go of habitual conditioning that drives our behavior. It is the jewel that shines a light on our true inner being – giving us the opportunity to re-discover who we really and to experience our true nature.

My retreats are open to everyone, whether complete beginners or experienced practitioners of yoga, meditation and silence, although of course you will need to be of average fitness for the walks.

Image of Roz Robinson