Although Gayles is open to all and we have no religious or secular affiliations, it is important to us that it is respected and utilised as a place for personal spiritual and emotional growth so, notwithstanding this, we expect teachers to hold their group safely; to maintain boundaries and for the practice to be properly grounded.

Gayles is not for you if your approach involves vocal emotional release techniques (such as scream/laughter therapies), nudity, sexually (rather than gender) focused agendas, loud drumming or music, dressing up, Boot Camp style methods or the use of restricted or mind-altering substances.

Although the accommodation, facilities and catering are all of a high quality and the immediate ambience and countryside around are uniquely beautiful, Gayles is not a spa/hotel type venue and is not suitable for pampering/getaway weekends.

We do not publish the fees on our website but we will be pleased to send you our Costs & Info sheet if you e-mail us
Please e-mail us and we will send you a Booking Form along with our Costs & Info. sheet. Please complete and return the form to us (email is fine) and arrange to pay a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of £400 (for two or three nights, £600 for four nights or more) as soon as possible to secure your dates. The balance is then payable on your arrival.

Please note that the Facilities and the Catering are invoiced for separately.

We accept bookings up to two years in advance.
Yes, we recommend it! Please make an appointment first; it would suit us best if you can make it on a Monday-Thursday morning (as weekends are almost always busy).
The deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable unless we are obliged to cancel the retreat; in which case we will refund your deposits in full but cannot accept any further liability.

If you cancel and we are unable to fill your booking, to help cover our losses we will invoice you for a further £350 (£500 for retreats of four or more days) four weeks before your booking date. This will be payable within fourteen days of issue.

We ask that you pay the full cost (including for the catering) for individuals who cancel where less than 48 hours notice is given. There is no charge if more than 48 hours notice is given.

Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for retreats cancelled for reasons beyond our control (such as adverse weather conditions or facilitators’ being unable to fulfil their commitments).

We ask that you bring a minimum of twelve people (including facilitators) and we can accommodate up to 22 (with camping in the Summer).
Teachers are welcome to arrive after 2.00pm on the first day, students after 4.15pm. We ask that retreats end by 4.00pm on the last day. Please contact us if you need to make other arrangements.
Yes, Gayles is covered for Public Liability; we ask that you also arrange your own insurance to protect you against problems arising from any situations in your practice or off-site. Please bear in mind that you are responsible for the safety of your group (and it is a condition of your coming here that a member of staff is on-site throughout whenever there are any students at Gayles).
Yes; we are very happy for you to cook for yourselves or to bring in your own chef and if you are planning a special diet (detox, raw food etc) we would prefer that you did so. We charge £5 per person per day for use of the facilities.

The Stables has a small but very well equipped kitchen that you can use. You can read more about our catering on the food section of our retreat facilities page.

Please note that as we manage all the catering ourselves, we are only able to offer a full service, so we cannot provide meals here and there, ie. Lunch on Saturday but no evening meal. Also, teas, coffee and fresh fruit are only supplied when we are managing your catering.

That is usually fine; please arrange this with us before making your order though.
  • We have twenty three yoga mats, straps, meditation cushions and blankets in the practice area. There is a flip chart, a hands-free microphone & speaker and a video projector also available.
  • The dining/social area has stereo separates (cd, radio and amplifier) with an mp3 connecting lead.
  • The teachers’ area has a television and dvd player.
  • There is a large (unheated) outside swimming pool that is open usually between mid-June and mid-September, depending on the seasonal weather, and may be used at the teacher’s discretion. Please ask your group to bring their own beach towels if they plan to swim.
  • There is a hard-surface tennis court which also may be used at the teachers’ discretion.
  • There is a substantial bonfire area available. We charge an additional  £4.00 per person for a large fire (to cover the work, wood and peripheral costs involved in setting it up for you).

Not specifically, although there are areas that therapists can use and we can advise you on where may be most practical for your retreat. There is no specialised equipment, such as massage beds, at Gayles.

Please be aware that there is a surcharge of £40 per day for visiting professionals, such as masseurs, who do not stay on your retreat and whose services are provided at an extra cost to your participants.

We try not to impose on people but we ask that you and your group adhere to a few basic boundaries:

  • At least one facilitator must remain on-site throughout your stay when there are students present and until all your group have left.
  • Please ensure that your group clear and wash up after meals and leave the dormitories and practice areas clean and tidy.
  • Please ensure that shoes are not worn indoors in any of the buildings (you may wish to encourage your group to bring slippers).
  • The outbuildings, barns and fenced gardens are out of bounds although you are welcome to wander in the retreat areas and adjacent fields.
  • Please stay on the obvious paths on the farmland (which is not our property) and do not linger near our neighbours’ houses; they are not involved in the retreats and it would be appreciated if people respected their privacy.
  • Please do not pick the flowers and fruit around Gayles unless you have agreed this with us beforehand. Similarly, no fires outside, please.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside any of the buildings, outside is fine.
  • In making a booking you accept these Terms & Conditions.
Teachers usually arrive up to two hours before their students on the same day as their retreat and leave after the last student has left at the end. Occasionally, we can accommodate you outside of these hours if there are particular circumstances (such as international travel commitments within 24 hours of your retreat here, or an exceptionally early start to your retreat). Please contact us if you wish to discuss this possibility.
No, but Gayles is well-provided for by public transport; there is a bus stop by the entrance and the buses run directly from Eastbourne and Brighton several times an hour during the day.

Although there is ample car parking at Gayles, with the environment in mind we ask that you please encourage your group to car-share or to use public transport wherever possible.

No, we only ever have one retreat happening at any time, so you are able manage your retreat as you wish without fear of interruptions or queues.

Yes, there is a guest network that covers the Dining/Social area, Teachers’ Accommodation and some of the garden. However, Gayles is some distance from the nearest exchange and the signal is not always reliable, particularly if several people are using it simultaneously.

We value everyone who comes to Gayles equally and so no, teachers are offered the same food as their students.
Although we do not prohibit it, we are mindful of people’s safety and of the integrity of the retreats, so we ask that you talk with us first if you are planning to bring alcohol to Gayles.

Yes, we do not share details about you, or your retreat, unless there is an overriding welfare or legal reason to do so and you can find our Privacy Policy in full here