Coronavirus Guidelines

Our guidelines align with current  medical advice and we ask that teachers and participants ensure they adhere to them when they are staying at Gayles.

Please take responsibility for yourself and do not join the retreat if :

You have had a temperature, felt unwell, become uncharacteristically breathless or experienced a loss of taste and/or smell in the last 10 days.

You have been in close proximity to anyone presenting with the symptoms above or who you know to have had coronavirus in the last 10 days unless you are a key worker and have been following the government and WHO PPE guidelines.

Please take a lateral flow test on the same day that the retreat is due to begin and do not come if you have a positive result, whether or not you are experiencing any symptoms.

If you feel unwell during the retreat you must inform your teacher and leave immediately. Please also advise your teacher as early as possible if you experience any of the symptoms above up to 10 days after the retreat has finished (so that they can notify the others in your group).

General stuff:

Checking in:
Please ensure that your teacher has up-to-date contact details for you and be aware that they may be shared with us if necessary.

There is a Track & Trace poster with our QR code in the entrance to The Stables for you to scan if you wish.

Please be mindful of others and maintain social distancing and other measures (such as hand cleaning) throughout your stay. Unless you are exempted for medical reasons, we recommend that masks are worn in communal areas indoors at all times except when you are eating or, at your teachers discretion, during class. Our helpers and ourselves will wear necessary PPE at all times.

There will be hand gel available by the entrances to shared buildings, please use it!

Please bring your own yoga mat, meditation cushion, blanket and other accessories as well as your own PPE. In line with BWY recommendations, we are unable to offer yoga equipment at this time.

Please be aware of current government advice regarding Corona Virus (Covid 19) which you can find on their website here.

These arrangements may change at short notice in order for us to comply with updated official advice.