we can host your event at gayles

If you are looking for a space to put on your own retreat or workshop, Gayles could be the perfect location. We especially welcome meditation and insight, silent retreats, yoga workshops, art, crafts, walking, mindfulness and personal retreats.  All the accommodation, catering, facilities and practice space are part of our package.

Gayles is open to all; we have no religious or secular affiliations and we trust that self-development and spirituality arise from exploring and learning from the ideas and approaches of both others and ourselves in a calm, supportive and receptive atmosphere.

For more information, to check availability, or to book Gayles for your event,
please contact Roz or Derry on 07721 023 845 or 07969 749 829.
Or email


MAY 2024

Nicola Harper Weekend Retreat — 3rd-5th May — BOOK HERE

Tom Cowan Weekend Retreat — 10th-12th May — BOOK HERE

Charlotte Watts Weekend Retreat — 17th-19th May — BOOK HERE

Sunnah Rose Weekend Retreat — 24th-26th May — BOOK HERE

JUNE 2024

Catherine Annis Immersion Retreat — 4th-9th June — BOOK HERE

JULY 2024

Catherine Annis Weekend Retreat — 12th-14th July — BOOK HERE

Justine Pagham Weekend Retreat — 19th-21st July — BOOK HERE

Charlotte Watts Weekend Retreat — 26th-28th July — BOOK HERE


Katie Sollohub Four Day Artists Retrea — 5th-9th August — BOOK HERE

Jim Tarran Weekend Retreat — 30th August-1st September — BOOK HERE

September 2024

Tom Cowan Weekend Retreat  — 13th-15th September — BOOK HERE

Sarah Wheeler Weekend Retreat — 20th-22nd September — BOOK HERE

Lynne Jarret Three Day Retreat — 26th-29th September — BOOK HERE


Clare Rebecca Passmore Weekend Retreat  — 4th-6th October — BOOK HERE

Frequently asked questions for Teachers

Emily Ball Four Day Artists Retreat — 5th-9th August — BOOK HERE

Jim Tarran Weekend Retreat — 30th August - 1st September — BOOK HERE

Is Gayles suitable for my retreat?
I can’t see any costs on your website, how can I find them?
How do I book a retreat at Gayles?
How far ahead can I book?
Can I visit Gayles before booking to be sure that the facilities are right for my retreat?
What is your cancellation policy?
How many people can I bring on my retreat?
What times do you expect people to arrive and leave at?
Are you insured?
Can I arrange my own catering for my retreat?
Can I arrange for items to be delivered before my retreat?
What facilities and extra services are offered at Gayles?
Do you have facilities for masseurs and similar therapists?
What rules do you have for retreats?
May I stay at Gayles outside of my retreat?
Do you provide transport?
Do you have several retreats going on simultaneously?
Do you have a wi-fi system open to my retreat?
Can teachers expect preferential treatment?
Do you allow alcohol at Gayles?
Do you have a Privacy Policy?