Our Ethos

Gayles is open to all; we have no religious or secular affiliations and we trust that self-development and spirituality arise from exploring and learning from the ideas and approaches of both others and ourselves in a calm, supportive and receptive atmosphere.

It is important to us that Gayles is utilised as a place for personal spiritual and emotional growth so, notwithstanding the above, we expect teachers to hold their group safely; to respect the boundaries and for their practice to be properly grounded – Gayles is not for you if your approach involves vocal emotional release techniques (such as scream/laughter therapies), nudity, sexually (rather than gender) focused agendas, loud drumming or music, dressing up, boot-camp style methods, certain occult practices (please check with us on these) or the use of controlled or mind-altering substances. Please also note that although we are not against alcohol per se, we do ask that you talk with us first if you, or anyone in your group, are planning to drink when you are on retreat here.

Our approach is founded upon principles of simplicity and quality (along with affordability); we believe that the natural qualities of this environment, this beautiful space, make it in itself conducive to inspirational and fulfilling practice and so we work toward also making it as inclusive, efficient and flexible as possible. So, the dormitories are dormitories but with strong, comfortable beds with high quality duvets, bedclothes and towels, reasonable space and very good showers. Our food is uncomplicated but tasty and nourishing. The buildings are all warm and inviting. Of course, having these needs catered for will allow you to focus more positively on your classes or retreat.

Of course, we also value your privacy (rather disliking being bombarded by unwanted emails ourselves!) so we do not share your details with anyone else (other than via Cloud Storage) – you can read our full Privacy Policy here.

Unobtrusive & Sensitive

We recognize that our visitors have important work to do and we embrace this in a spirit of respect, co-operation and warmth. We have an unobtrusive and sensitive approach so that we do not intrude on you but are always available if you need us.

Similarly, we ask that our guests are also considerate; mindful of others and of the land and are willing to tidy and to help clear and wash up after themselves.

Every individual, every retreat, has their own outlook, intentions and needs; we hope that you will have a positive and successful time here; free to focus on your practice and group without distractions, intrusions or compromise, so please feel welcome to contact us to discuss any particular requirements or concerns that you may have both before or during a retreat.